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Search to Settlement

Search to Settlement is our complete Buyer’s Agent Package and the most widely used Service

Renovation Consulting

Want to give your property a facelift? Sometimes the quickest way to manufacture equity and increase your returns is by doing some renovations but without over capitalising.


Our service includes meeting you at your property to go through all the renovations that are required. Once quotes have been obtained and agreed on we are happy to either let you take over from there or we can continue to monitor and project manage the renovations to finish.

Appraisal & Negotiation

This Service is for people who believe they may have found a suitable property and would like us to do the Due Diligence, Appraisal and Negotiation.

Auction Bidding Services

We will represent you and we know how auctions work and what is the best way to secure the property you want at the right price.

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